Gay Latvia News & Reports 2001-06

1 Latvians Urged to Join ‘Struggle Against Homosexuality’ 11/01 2 Gay marriage message spreads to Baltic States 11/03 3 First LGBT Pride March in Riga to go ahead 7/05 4 Protests disrupt Latvia gay march 7/05 5 Latvia is “increasingly homophobic” 12/05 6 Latvia’s Parliament blocks gay marriage12/05 7 Latvian President Vetoes Rights Bill After… Read more »

Gay Russia News & Reports 2000-03

Book: ‘Out of the Blue: Russia’s Hidden Gay Literature’ Edited by Kevin Moss, 1997 0 Queer History of Russia and Eastern Europe (2000) 1 Banging Fists Against City Hall’s Walls 9/01 2 Moscow Mayor Rebuffs Gay Parade 7/01 3 Tatu’s Teen Queens: Lesbian Tunes 3/01 4 Gays Gather Quietly, Out of Political Spotlight 3/01 5… Read more »

Relentless Homophobia Rages in the Balkans

“Be IN-tolerant! Be normal!”, appeals a poster that recently flooded the streets of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. As the first gay pride parade in Bulgaria is about to take place, amid strong opposition by nationalistic organisations and a large part of society, the high levels of persistent homophobia in the country and the Balkans as… Read more »


1 Brothels, Sex Workers and Torture 1/09 (background story) 2 Cambodia to ban foreign gays from adopting children 2/09 3 Celebrate at Phnom Penh Pride 2009! 2/09 4 A gay-friendlier Kingdom 3/09 5 HIV/AIDS crisis looming among gay men: report 8/09 6 Cambodia: Bloggers discuss LGBT issues 1/10 7 About GK 2/10 8 By Ancient… Read more »

Kosovo: Serious death threats to leader of QESh

LGBT youth leaders under serious death threats Center for Social Emancipation (QESh) and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights demand from the Kosovo Police Service to conduct a thorough investigation of the case of serious threats to leader of QESh and bring the perpetrators in front of the justice. The threat letter was sent to… Read more »