Gay Cyprus News & Reports

Also see Gay Cyprus website 1 Orthodox leaders appeal for calm in Cyprus church (Greek Cyprus) 11/00 2 Orthodox bishops meet in Cyprus to discuss gay row (Greek Cyprus) 11/00 3 Gay rights activist Welcomes Amendment to Homosexuality Law 6/00 4 Sacked cleric: ‘I’ll expose gay priests’ (Greek Cyprus) 11/01 5 House moves to lower… Read more »

Gay Spain News & Reports 2000-04

1 Lieutenant Colonel says he is gay and demands respect for homosexuals 9/00 2 Gays persecuted by Franco lose criminal status at last 12/01 (Five stories about a gay Spanish priest who came out publicly):  -3 Gay Spanish Priest Stripped of Priesthood 2/02  -4 Spanish gays urged to leave the Church 2/02  -5 Gay Priest… Read more »

Gay Bosnia-Herzegovina News & Reports

1 Bosnian gay movie wins hearts at Sarajevo film fest 8/05 2 Gay festival during Ramadan angers Bosnia Muslims 8/08 3 Bosnia police brace for Gay Pride violence 9/08 4 Media supporting Bosnia’s first gay festival threatened 9/08 5 Eight injured in attack on gay festival in Sarajevo 9/08 6 Serbian official praises police response… Read more »

Gay Gibraltar News & Reports

Also see: Gibraltar Gay Rights organization 1 Gibraltar Tourism Minister Quizzed on Gay Reform 11/00 2 Interview with Félix Álvarez. (in Spanish) 6/04 3 Gibraltar Gay Rights–Press Release: New Constitution Gravely Deficient 11/04 4 Gay Rights organization not satisfied with Equal Opportunities Ordinance 2/05 5 Reform not possible without rights progress 2/05 6 Gibraltar gay… Read more »

Iceland News & Reports

 1 An Icelandic Battle of Wildlife Versus Voltage 7/02 (background story) 2 Gay Iceland–travel story 5/05 3 Iceland’s Queer Hotspot 12/07 4 Gay rights group pays tribute to Bertie Ahern 4/08 5 Icelandic politician may become world’s first lesbian Prime Minister 1/09 6 First lesbian prime minister wins Iceland election 4/09 7 Iceland turns out… Read more »

Gay Macedonia News and Reports

Also see: LGBT Rights Organization ‘See Q’ in former Yugoslavia 1 Macedonia Gay Rights Organization 2005 2 U.S. rebukes gay rights group in Macedonia 1/04 3 Macedonian Gays Come Out from Shadows 2/04 4 Male prostitution in Macedonia–A man for 50 euros  2004 5 Macedonia should recognise same-sex couples says rights commissioner 9/08 6 Candidate… Read more »

Gay Russia News & Reports 2000-03

Book: ‘Out of the Blue: Russia’s Hidden Gay Literature’ Edited by Kevin Moss, 1997 0 Queer History of Russia and Eastern Europe (2000) 1 Banging Fists Against City Hall’s Walls 9/01 2 Moscow Mayor Rebuffs Gay Parade 7/01 3 Tatu’s Teen Queens: Lesbian Tunes 3/01 4 Gays Gather Quietly, Out of Political Spotlight 3/01 5… Read more »

Gay Kosovo News & Reports

1 Kosovo: Gay, Lesbian Youth Leaders Under Serious Death Threats 5/07 2 Act to Protect LGBT Activist Threatened in Kosovo 6/07 3 Persecuted Gays Seek Refuge in U.S. 7/07 4 Catholics unhappy at rights for gay Kosovans 2/08 May 25, 2007 1 Kosovo: Gay, Lesbian Youth Leaders Under Serious Death Threats The leader… Read more »

Gay Bulgaria News Report 2000-11 1 Cross-Dressing in Bulgaria: Gay-Identity, Post-Communist Fear, and Magical Love 6/00 2 Progress reports from Bulgarian LGBT organizations Gemini and Balkan Triangle 7/03 3 Balkan Triangle: A Midway Perspective (March 2001 – March 2003) 4 Introduction to the legal situation of gay men in Bulgaria 2003 5 Presentation of homosexuality in Sofia–Report on Commercial… Read more »

Gay Czech News & Reports

1 A Queer Taboo 8/99 2 Homosexuals come out in Support of Slovak Gays and Lesbians 9/00 3 Czech Parliament Rejects Gay Marriage Bill 10/01 3a Creeping Out of the Closet – The Emerging Gay Community 03 4 Soldiers facing disciplinary action over gay porn photos 6/03 5 A Prague Spring for gays? 6/04 6… Read more »

Gay Eastern Europe News & Reports

1 Modern Gays in Modern Eastern Europe 3/06 2 Gay man expelled from reality TV show for coming out 10/07 3 Europe’s Crumbling Closet 10/07 4 Euro Court rules gay couples eligible to adopt 1/08 5 First They Came for the Gays 1/08 6 Catholics unhappy at rights for gay Kosovans 2/08 March… Read more »

Gay Serbia News & Reports 2000-08

Also see: Belgrade Gay Guide Gay E.Orthodox Web Site 1 Queen of Serbia’s Soothsayer: His Highness, Kleo Patra 2/10/97 1-A  Homophobia as a Weapon of War 10/99 1-B The LGBT situation in Belgrade Today 7/00 2 Yugoslavia Gay Activists Beaten 6/01 3 Violence as Serbian homosexuals hold first Gay Pride march 6/01 4 Belgrade gay march… Read more »

Relentless Homophobia Rages in the Balkans

“Be IN-tolerant! Be normal!”, appeals a poster that recently flooded the streets of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. As the first gay pride parade in Bulgaria is about to take place, amid strong opposition by nationalistic organisations and a large part of society, the high levels of persistent homophobia in the country and the Balkans as… Read more »


1 Brothels, Sex Workers and Torture 1/09 (background story) 2 Cambodia to ban foreign gays from adopting children 2/09 3 Celebrate at Phnom Penh Pride 2009! 2/09 4 A gay-friendlier Kingdom 3/09 5 HIV/AIDS crisis looming among gay men: report 8/09 6 Cambodia: Bloggers discuss LGBT issues 1/10 7 About GK 2/10 8 By Ancient… Read more »

Kosovo: Serious death threats to leader of QESh

LGBT youth leaders under serious death threats Center for Social Emancipation (QESh) and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights demand from the Kosovo Police Service to conduct a thorough investigation of the case of serious threats to leader of QESh and bring the perpetrators in front of the justice. The threat letter was sent to… Read more »