Gay Gibraltar News & Reports

Also see: Gibraltar Gay Rights organization 1 Gibraltar Tourism Minister Quizzed on Gay Reform 11/00 2 Interview with Félix Álvarez. (in Spanish) 6/04 3 Gibraltar Gay Rights–Press Release: New Constitution Gravely Deficient 11/04 4 Gay Rights organization not satisfied with Equal Opportunities Ordinance 2/05 5 Reform not possible without rights progress 2/05 6 Gibraltar gay… Read more »

Gay Greece News & Reports 2003-10

1 Greek TV fined over male kissing 11/03 2 Gays in Greece Kiss in Public As Protest 11/03 3 Lesbian and gays win medals over the last few days at the Olympics 8/04 4 A quasi Govt agency… create a civil unions registry 2/05 5 Greek Leader Rejects Rights For Gay Couples 12/05 6 Second… Read more »

Gay Hungary News & Reports 1999-2008

1 A Queer Taboo 8/99 2 Pride speaks its name 7/03 3 How Gay Friendly is the Hungarian Media? 2003 4 Media targets Budapest ‘gay’ bathhouse 1/05 5 Hungary Moves to Recognize Gay Couples 3/05 6 A Gay Old Time: 4/05 7 Gay and Lesbian Budapest 10/06 8 Gay Times stay in Budapest assisted by… Read more »

Iceland News & Reports

 1 An Icelandic Battle of Wildlife Versus Voltage 7/02 (background story) 2 Gay Iceland–travel story 5/05 3 Iceland’s Queer Hotspot 12/07 4 Gay rights group pays tribute to Bertie Ahern 4/08 5 Icelandic politician may become world’s first lesbian Prime Minister 1/09 6 First lesbian prime minister wins Iceland election 4/09 7 Iceland turns out… Read more »

Gay Liechtenstein News and Reports U.K. December 13, 2001 1 Liechtenstein To Get Gay Equality The principality of Liechtenstein is drafting legislation which would give same sex couples legal equality. A bill has been drawn up which is waiting approval by the country’s parliament. If it is stamped it will give gay and lesbian couples the same rights… Read more »

Gay Lithuania News and Reports 1999-2008

1 General description of the situation of homosexuals in Lithuania (1999) 2 Lithuanian Penal Code Draft Includes Sexual Orientation (1999) 3 Lithuanian gays claim discrimination to US diplomats 8/99 4 The Legal Status of Homosexuality in European and National Law 10/98 5 Soviet-era artist accuses gay group of copyright violation 10/03 6 Lithuania could follow… Read more »

Gay Macedonia News and Reports

Also see: LGBT Rights Organization ‘See Q’ in former Yugoslavia 1 Macedonia Gay Rights Organization 2005 2 U.S. rebukes gay rights group in Macedonia 1/04 3 Macedonian Gays Come Out from Shadows 2/04 4 Male prostitution in Macedonia–A man for 50 euros  2004 5 Macedonia should recognise same-sex couples says rights commissioner 9/08 6 Candidate… Read more »

Gay Malta News & Reports 2003-09

1 New premises for Malta Gay Rights Movement 1/03 2 Gay Rights Movement deplores billboard at Naxxar MLP Club 2/03 3 Seminar on gay rights in EU accession countries 5/03 4 Gay Rights Movement reacts to parties’ proposals 4/03 5 AD calls for full implimenetation of EU anti-discrimination directive 5/03 6 EU presses government to… Read more »

Moldova News & Reports 2005-08

1 Moldovan government to put legislation in place for sexual minorities 2/05 2 Moldovan Authorities Ban Gay Rally Outside Parliament 5/05 3 GenderDoc-M announces Executive Director Post vacancy 5/05 4 Authorities Deny the Right for Peaceful Manifestation of LGBT Organization 5/06 5 Court Declares Illegal the Refusal to Authorize a Public Manifestation 6/05 6 Discrimination… Read more »

Gay Norway News & Reports 1999-2008

 1 Norway Bishops Join Sex Ed Class (1999) 2 Norwegian Church Approves Gay Adoption 2/01 3 Appointment of gay clergyman shakes Norway’s state church 6/00 4 Gay Asylum Seeker from Morocco Not Allowed to Stay 6/00 5 Study on Gay Youth Suicide (1995-2000) 6 Norway: Restaurant Turns Away Gay Customers 12/01 7 Norway Minister Marries… Read more »

Gay Portugal News & Reports

1 Portuguese Parliament Grants Rights To Same-Sex Couples 3/01 2 Constitution bans discrimination based on sexual orientation 8/04 3 Portuguese push for same-sex marriage 2/06 4 African nations urged to embrace LGBT rights 12/07 5 Portuguese parliament rejects law on homosexual marriage 10/08 6 Transgender Community in Portugal 11/08 7 In & Out: Lisbon…Getting friendly… Read more »

Gay Romania News & Reports 1999-2008

0 Background story: 1996–Romania criminalizes homosexual behavior 8/99 1 Romanian MPs vote to decriminalise homosexuality 6/00 2 Romanians Against Gays, Jews, Gypsies 11/00 3 It’s Still No Breeze for Gays, Even Diplomatic Ones 10/01 4 Romania lifts gay ban; church objects 12/01 5 Sexual Orientation Discrimination Eliminated from the Criminal Law 2/02 6 ‘Accept’ Country… Read more »

Gay Slovakia News & Reports

1 Gay Named Slovak Man of 2000 1/01 2 Tolerant Dutch Fund Slovak Gay Magazine 11/00 3 Justice Minister Recommends Gays Seek Treatment 9/00 4 Slovakia Gays Oppose Minister’s Critical Stand On Gay Partnership 8/00 5 New Slovakian Gay Film 8/03 6 Gay rights activists protest ‘Catholic State’ threat 9/03 7 Conservative protests Swedish verdict… Read more »

Gay Sweden News & Reports 1999-2007

1 Gay Iranian Faces Sure Execution if Expelled from Sweden 1/99 1a Gay Iranian man granted asylum in Sweden 9/99 2 Swede Parliament Has the Most Women 12/99 3 Sweden Seeks to Bolster Gay Couples’ Right to Adopt 2/02 4 Sweden OKs Same-Sex Adoption Plan 6/02 5 Swedish gay couples may get own adoption agency… Read more »

Gay Switzerland News & Reports 2000-08

1 Switzerland Prepares Partnership Laws 10/00 2 International Coalition Advocates for Full Recognition of Gay Victims 8/01 3 Zurich warms up for gay festival–including the zoo 4/03 4 Lesbian Film: Journey to Kafiristan (true story) 5 Zurich homosexuals win right to tie the knot 7/03 6 Gay fathers club together in Zurich 9/03 7 Gay… Read more »

Gay Ukraine News & Reports

1 Ukrainian Gay Group Seeks Funding 1/01 2 Ukrainian Gays Gather 10/00 3 From Under a Couch, an Effort to Stop Corruption in Ukraine 2/01 4 Travel Story about Kiev, Ukraine 10/04 5 Ukrainian politics and society excludes minority groups, especially gay people 2/05 6 Kiev, Ukraine (Gay Travel Story) 7 Two International Conferences in… Read more »

Gay Belarus News & Reports 2004-06

1 Gay Cultural Events Cancelled in Belarus 8/04 2 Homophobic MTV in Belarus 4/05 3 Criminal Prosecution Of Homosexuals Proposed In Belarus 4/05 4 Celebrate International Day against Homophobia (IDAHO) in Belarus 5/05 5 Majority of Russians oppose gay marriages or gay President 6/05 6 Homophobic rule on Music-TV station defeated 6/05 7 Opening of… Read more »

Gay Holland News & Reports 2001-05

1 World’s first legal gay weddings held in Amsterdam 4/01 2 Dutch Law Allows Same-Sex Marriages 3/01 3 Dutch Gay Marriage Stats Released 12/01 4 ‘Marlene’ stars at Dutch gay fest 8/02 5 Doctrine Meets Practice–Dutch take on Vatican over gay marriages 9/03 6 Gay youth face ‘alarming’ discrimination 9/03 7 Dutch say gay marriage… Read more »

Gay France News and Reports 2000-05

1 Lesbian magazine upsets gay lobby 6/00 2 Paris marks 100th anniversary of Oscar Wilde death 11/00 3 France formally recognizes gay victims of Nazis for first time 4/01 4 Paris and Berlin Gay Mayors Celebrate Gay Pride 6/01 5 Paris gives a typical Gallic shrug about its gay mayor 6/01 6 Modern gay twist… Read more »

Gay Germany News & Reports 2000-02

1 German Apology to Gays for Nazis 12/00 2 German Army Issues New Rules for Sex Attitudes 1/01 3 Half a million join Berlin homosexual parade 6/01 4 Paris and Berlin Gay Mayors Celebrate Gay Pride 6/01 5 Documentary unveils Nazi brutalization of gays 7/01 6 German Gays to Exchange Vows 8/01 7 Did gay… Read more »

Gay Ireland and Gay Northern Ireland News & Reports 2000-02

Dublin: ‘Lesbians Organizing Together’ drop-in centre where gay people can report homophobic crimes 5 Capel St (Mon-Thurs 10am-6pm, Fri 10am-4pm; tel 872 7770) (Lengthy Interview with Irish Gay Activist Brendan Fay 1995) 1 Venue crisis for Pride events in Waterford 8/00 2 Positive reaction to Irish Gay Documentary 8/00 3 New Irish Law Bans Discrimination… Read more »

Gay Italy News & Reports (Including Vatican) 2000-05

1 Italy Focuses on Homosexuality: Gay Pride vs the Vatican 6/00 2 Erotic Roman frescoes unveiled at Pompeii baths complex 11/01 3 Italy: priest expelled for marrying gay couples 2/02 4 Italian Gay couple test the legal limits with Dutch marriage 7/02 5 Homophobia alive and well in Italy 6/05 (Replaces 6/03 article) 6 Procreation… Read more »

Gay Latvia News & Reports 2001-06

1 Latvians Urged to Join ‘Struggle Against Homosexuality’ 11/01 2 Gay marriage message spreads to Baltic States 11/03 3 First LGBT Pride March in Riga to go ahead 7/05 4 Protests disrupt Latvia gay march 7/05 5 Latvia is “increasingly homophobic” 12/05 6 Latvia’s Parliament blocks gay marriage12/05 7 Latvian President Vetoes Rights Bill After… Read more »

Gay Slovenia News & Reports 2000-05

1 History of Homophobia in Slovenia 1991-2002 2 Media representations of Homosexuality 1970 to 2000 3 Slovenia Not for "that" kind of people 2001 4 Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Slovenia 2001 5 Report from the IGLYO’s Hearing on the Situation of LGBT Youth 2/02 6 Transvestite Sisters stir Eurovision storm 3/02 7 Tiny Slovenia Craves… Read more »

Gay Spain News & Reports 2000-04

1 Lieutenant Colonel says he is gay and demands respect for homosexuals 9/00 2 Gays persecuted by Franco lose criminal status at last 12/01 (Five stories about a gay Spanish priest who came out publicly):  -3 Gay Spanish Priest Stripped of Priesthood 2/02  -4 Spanish gays urged to leave the Church 2/02  -5 Gay Priest… Read more »

Gay Turkey News & Reports 2000-03

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Turkish LGBT Rights Report Sept 2005 Travel story about sailing Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast Also see: Gay Middle East Web Site: More information about Islam & Homosexuality can be found at: Other articles of interest can be found at: Queer Muslim magazine: Huriyah Gay Islam discussion groups:… Read more »

Gay Russia News & Reports 2000-03

Book: ‘Out of the Blue: Russia’s Hidden Gay Literature’ Edited by Kevin Moss, 1997 0 Queer History of Russia and Eastern Europe (2000) 1 Banging Fists Against City Hall’s Walls 9/01 2 Moscow Mayor Rebuffs Gay Parade 7/01 3 Tatu’s Teen Queens: Lesbian Tunes 3/01 4 Gays Gather Quietly, Out of Political Spotlight 3/01 5… Read more »

Gay Serbia News & Reports 2000-08

Also see: Belgrade Gay Guide Gay E.Orthodox Web Site 1 Queen of Serbia’s Soothsayer: His Highness, Kleo Patra 2/10/97 1-A  Homophobia as a Weapon of War 10/99 1-B The LGBT situation in Belgrade Today 7/00 2 Yugoslavia Gay Activists Beaten 6/01 3 Violence as Serbian homosexuals hold first Gay Pride march 6/01 4 Belgrade gay march… Read more »

Gay Andorra News & Reports

From: December 10, 2008 And Don’t Forget Andorra A British gay couple describe their adopted home and ‘gay life’, such as it is, in this remote country. by Richard Ammon, It’s hardly a secret that homosexual people are everywhere, despite the strongest wishes of some conservative devotees of denial. GlobalGayz receives daily news… Read more »

Gay Austria News & Reports 2001-09

The leading LGBT organisation in Austria is  “Homosexuelle Initiative (HOSI) Wien” (based in Vienna) which is also the oldest organisation in Austria ( It has a bi-monthly magazine, its own premises, does most of the political lobbying work, organises the annual Rainbow Ball and the Rainbow Parade as well as the huge LGBT pride parade… Read more »

Gay Denmark News & Reports 2004-09

1 Danish lawmakers propose church weddings for gay couples 3/04 2 Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales 5/05 3 Copenhagen looks to Outgames in 2009 3/07 4 Faroe Islanders celebrate first year of LGBT protection 8/07 5 Faroe Islands: Pride politician calls for same-sex partnership scheme 8/07 6 Copenhagen Pride funding restored after media campaign 3/08… Read more »

Gay Greenland News & Reports

1 Recognition of sexual orientation: The Scandinavian Model 2 Glacial ice is melting across the Arctic Circle 1/07 (non-gay background story) 3 Greenland to introduce discrimination protection for gays 7/08 4 Fondly, Greenland Loosens Danish Rule 6/09   Country information: Greenland Guide Wikipedia Greenland The population of Greenland is predominantly Inuit, a people bearing… Read more »

Gay Northern Ireland News & Reports

See Ireland for Story, News and Reports and Photo Galleries

Gay Montenegro News & Reports

1 Montenegro – Barbarians At the Gate 12/04 2 2007 Annual Report for Serbia and Montenegro 07 3 HIV/AIDS 08 4 Nudist Beaches In Montenegro 07/08 5 The Balkans: Human Rights and LGBT 12/08 6 Montenegro’s gay community stays hidden to survive 12/09 7 Montenegro Has Started Its First LGBT Organization 3/11 8 First-Ever Gay… Read more »

Gay Luxembourg News & Reports

1 Finally, Mr. Hormel Gets the Job 6/99 2 Clinton Appoints Gay Man as Ambassador 6/99 3 Luxembourg Could Become Sixth Country to Recognise IDAHO 2/09 The New York Times June 5, 1999 1 Finally, Mr. Hormel Gets the Job President Clinton took an appropriate stand against bigotry yesterday by giving James Hormel a… Read more »

Gay Kosovo News & Reports

1 Kosovo: Gay, Lesbian Youth Leaders Under Serious Death Threats 5/07 2 Act to Protect LGBT Activist Threatened in Kosovo 6/07 3 Persecuted Gays Seek Refuge in U.S. 7/07 4 Catholics unhappy at rights for gay Kosovans 2/08 May 25, 2007 1 Kosovo: Gay, Lesbian Youth Leaders Under Serious Death Threats The leader… Read more »

Relentless Homophobia Rages in the Balkans

“Be IN-tolerant! Be normal!”, appeals a poster that recently flooded the streets of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. As the first gay pride parade in Bulgaria is about to take place, amid strong opposition by nationalistic organisations and a large part of society, the high levels of persistent homophobia in the country and the Balkans as… Read more »


1 Brothels, Sex Workers and Torture 1/09 (background story) 2 Cambodia to ban foreign gays from adopting children 2/09 3 Celebrate at Phnom Penh Pride 2009! 2/09 4 A gay-friendlier Kingdom 3/09 5 HIV/AIDS crisis looming among gay men: report 8/09 6 Cambodia: Bloggers discuss LGBT issues 1/10 7 About GK 2/10 8 By Ancient… Read more »

Kosovo: Serious death threats to leader of QESh

LGBT youth leaders under serious death threats Center for Social Emancipation (QESh) and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights demand from the Kosovo Police Service to conduct a thorough investigation of the case of serious threats to leader of QESh and bring the perpetrators in front of the justice. The threat letter was sent to… Read more »