Gay Bulgaria News Report 2000-11 1 Cross-Dressing in Bulgaria: Gay-Identity, Post-Communist Fear, and Magical Love 6/00 2 Progress reports from Bulgarian LGBT organizations Gemini and Balkan Triangle 7/03 3 Balkan Triangle: A Midway Perspective (March 2001 – March 2003) 4 Introduction to the legal situation of gay men in Bulgaria 2003 5 Presentation of homosexuality in Sofia–Report on Commercial… Read more »

Gay Lithuania News and Reports 1999-2008

1 General description of the situation of homosexuals in Lithuania (1999) 2 Lithuanian Penal Code Draft Includes Sexual Orientation (1999) 3 Lithuanian gays claim discrimination to US diplomats 8/99 4 The Legal Status of Homosexuality in European and National Law 10/98 5 Soviet-era artist accuses gay group of copyright violation 10/03 6 Lithuania could follow… Read more »

Gay Ukraine News & Reports

1 Ukrainian Gay Group Seeks Funding 1/01 2 Ukrainian Gays Gather 10/00 3 From Under a Couch, an Effort to Stop Corruption in Ukraine 2/01 4 Travel Story about Kiev, Ukraine 10/04 5 Ukrainian politics and society excludes minority groups, especially gay people 2/05 6 Kiev, Ukraine (Gay Travel Story) 7 Two International Conferences in… Read more »

Gay Montenegro News & Reports

1 Montenegro – Barbarians At the Gate 12/04 2 2007 Annual Report for Serbia and Montenegro 07 3 HIV/AIDS 08 4 Nudist Beaches In Montenegro 07/08 5 The Balkans: Human Rights and LGBT 12/08 6 Montenegro’s gay community stays hidden to survive 12/09 7 Montenegro Has Started Its First LGBT Organization 3/11 8 First-Ever Gay… Read more »

Gay Spain News & Reports 2000-04

1 Lieutenant Colonel says he is gay and demands respect for homosexuals 9/00 2 Gays persecuted by Franco lose criminal status at last 12/01 (Five stories about a gay Spanish priest who came out publicly):  -3 Gay Spanish Priest Stripped of Priesthood 2/02  -4 Spanish gays urged to leave the Church 2/02  -5 Gay Priest… Read more »

Gay Serbia News & Reports 2000-08

Also see: Belgrade Gay Guide Gay E.Orthodox Web Site 1 Queen of Serbia’s Soothsayer: His Highness, Kleo Patra 2/10/97 1-A  Homophobia as a Weapon of War 10/99 1-B The LGBT situation in Belgrade Today 7/00 2 Yugoslavia Gay Activists Beaten 6/01 3 Violence as Serbian homosexuals hold first Gay Pride march 6/01 4 Belgrade gay march… Read more »

Gay Greenland News & Reports

1 Recognition of sexual orientation: The Scandinavian Model 2 Glacial ice is melting across the Arctic Circle 1/07 (non-gay background story) 3 Greenland to introduce discrimination protection for gays 7/08 4 Fondly, Greenland Loosens Danish Rule 6/09   Country information: Greenland Guide Wikipedia Greenland The population of Greenland is predominantly Inuit, a people bearing… Read more »

Relentless Homophobia Rages in the Balkans

“Be IN-tolerant! Be normal!”, appeals a poster that recently flooded the streets of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. As the first gay pride parade in Bulgaria is about to take place, amid strong opposition by nationalistic organisations and a large part of society, the high levels of persistent homophobia in the country and the Balkans as… Read more »


1 Brothels, Sex Workers and Torture 1/09 (background story) 2 Cambodia to ban foreign gays from adopting children 2/09 3 Celebrate at Phnom Penh Pride 2009! 2/09 4 A gay-friendlier Kingdom 3/09 5 HIV/AIDS crisis looming among gay men: report 8/09 6 Cambodia: Bloggers discuss LGBT issues 1/10 7 About GK 2/10 8 By Ancient… Read more »

Kosovo: Serious death threats to leader of QESh

LGBT youth leaders under serious death threats Center for Social Emancipation (QESh) and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights demand from the Kosovo Police Service to conduct a thorough investigation of the case of serious threats to leader of QESh and bring the perpetrators in front of the justice. The threat letter was sent to… Read more »