Gay Pride March Attacked In Kiev

Kiev (Reuters) – Several dozen unknown assailants attacked a gay pride march in Kiev on Saturday, throwing flares and wounding two policemen, a Reuters witness reported. On Friday the organizers for ‘KyivPride2015’ said the march along the Dnipro river would go ahead despite warnings from city mayor Vitaly Klitschko, who advised the event be canceled… Read more »

Russian Gay Activists Detained After Unsanctioned LGBT Rights Rally In Moscow

Moscow (Reuters) – Police broke up an unsanctioned gay rights rally in central Moscow on Saturday, detaining around 20 people, including anti-gay campaigners who attacked the activists. The campaigners had requested permission to hold a gay pride parade today, but Moscow authorities blocked the request for the tenth year in a row – an annual… Read more »

After Ireland, The Pressure Is On Italy To Legalize Same-Sex Unions

After Ireland legalized same-sex marriage in a historic referendum this past Saturday, Italy is now the only nation in Western Europe that doesn’t recognize either same-sex marriages or civil unions. Following the Irish vote, some in the socially conservative, largely Catholic country are reviving their calls for change. Members of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s ruling… Read more »

Greenland legalizes same-sex marriage

Greenland this week became the latest country to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. The Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation reported that lawmakers in the semi-autonomous country within Denmark on Tuesday unanimously approved a same-sex marriage bill by a 27-0 vote margin. Danish media reports indicate the vote capped off a campaign to extend nuptials to gays… Read more »

Poland blocks debate on gay civil partnerships

The Polish Parliament has voted against having a debate on the regulation of gay and straight civil partnerships. The Polish Sejm rejected the proposal, put forward by the Democratic Left Alliance, meant that same-sex couples in civil partnerships would be able to pay income tax jointly, the right to inheritance, and social security benefits as… Read more »

What It Was Like in Ireland the Moment They Said YES to Equality

You’ve likely heard the news that Ireland made history this past weekend by becoming the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by (a landslide) popular vote. But what you might not have seen beyond the headlines and articles is just how much the marriage referendum captured the attention and passion of an… Read more »

Greenland says yes to gay marriages

Parliament in Greenland has unanimously decided that gays and lesbians should be allowed in the church. A proposal to allow gay marriages, which was originally made in 2010, was yesterday finally adopted. The proposal met strong support from all parties in the Parliament Inatsisartut. It writes KNR . – Finally, I say. It has been five… Read more »

Ireland’s referendum, however inspiring, is not a step forward for gay rights

The resources that are spent on a gay marriage referendum would be better used educating the public about homophobia, protecting LGBTQ youth from bullying, and the like Gays and fair-minded people worldwide are rejoicing at the news that Ireland has legalised same-sex marriage. The news is widely noted as historic, but not for the reasons… Read more »

‘Sorry mum, I’m still gay’: Russian club helps parents accept sexual preference

As life becomes increasingly dangerous for LGBT community, Meduza joins a support group coaching families to come to terms with homosexuality The parents’ club has a few rules: you can only speak if you’re holding the navy dragon, a soft toy that has grown shabby in the club’s four-year existence; no interrupting is allowed; and… Read more »

The Alliance Against Discrimination and ProLGBT (Albania)

The Alliance Against Discrimination and ProLGBT the two major LGBTI organizations in Albania have the pleasure to invite you at the 4th edition of Tirana Gay Ride. This is the 4th consecutive year that human rights activists and their allies organize this public event in the center of Tirana. We will march this year for… Read more »

Greenland Parliament approves same gender couples’ legal right to marriage in church

Press Release: It was a great and transformative joy that spread through the country, as the Greenland Parliament adopted the bill on same gender couples’ legal right to marriage in the church. It’s a real relief that our politicians today are supporting us, in the expansion of our rights. Consider this a resounding thank you… Read more »

Things Have Gotten Better For Europe’s LGBTI Community, But There’s Still Plenty Of Work To Do

London (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia are the worst countries in Europe for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) rights, but violence against LGBTI people remains rife across the continent, a rights group said late on Sunday. Some countries have made historic strides towards giving LGBTI people legal equality, but progress… Read more »

Is Turkey ready to elect its first openly gay lawmaker?

Baris Sulu hopes to become the voice of the country’s burgeoning LGBT-rights movement by winning a seat in parliament. Turkey goes to the polls on June 7. Istanbul — Baris Sulu has made history twice. Four years ago, he and his partner became the first gay couple to apply for a marriage license in Turkey;… Read more »

The Renegade Who Came In From The Cold

Peter Tatchell, one of Britain’s most audacious LGBT activists, faces the ire of those he long championed. To shadow gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, one must double as designated photographer. Outside the Royal Courts of Justice in Central London, where I met the 63-year-old campaigner, a lesbian couple asks for a picture with their tiny… Read more »

Russia to block support group for gay teens

Russia’s main support group for teenagers who identify as LGBT is to be blocked under the country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law. The founders of Children-404 – the name of which references the country’s censorship of gay culture with reference to the ‘404 – Page not found’ internet error – aimed to provide a safe space for… Read more »

Russia’s ‘Gay Propaganda’ Laws Are Targeting Teachers Amidst Rising Anti-LGBT Sentiment

St. Petersburg, Russia (AP) — Alevtina is one of several teachers who lost their jobs in St. Petersburg after being outed by an anti-gay activist. While most resigned quietly, the 27-year-old music teacher decided to fight her dismissal in court — an unusual step in Russia where gays have faced increasing pressure in recent years.… Read more »

Seeking home: The lives of gay and transgender asylum seekers of the Middle East

Beginning in Damascus, Syria, in 2010, photojournalist Bradley Secker began to document the lives of gay Iraqi refugees that had fled Iraq to escape homophobic violence. Shortly after chronicling their stories, Secker crossed borders and traveled to Turkey, following Iranians, Turkish Kurds, Syrians and more Iraqis who were claiming asylum abroad or fighting for their… Read more »

The Fear of Being Gay in Russia

Putin’s state has allowed violence against the Russian LGBT community to spike. Moscow’s first gay pride parade was held in May 2006, thirteen years after homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, the beginning of a new era of openness for the LGBT community. It didn’t quite work out… Read more »

My boyfriend killed himself because his family couldn’t accept that he was gay

Nazim Mahmood jumped to his death from a balcony seven months ago after coming out to his parents. His partner of 13 years, Matthew Ogston, talks to Sarfraz Manzoor In the spring of last year, Matthew Ogston and Nazim Mahmood moved into their dream home. The apartment, on the top floor of a mansion block… Read more »

Russia moves to stop same-sex spouses receiving UN staff benefits

Russia asks UN to put recognition of same-sex marriage for 43,000 staff worldwide to a vote, in attempt to thwart policy change Russia is attempting to stop the United Nations extending staff benefits to same-sex spouses. The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, announced in July 2014 it would recognise same-sex marriages among its 43,000 staff… Read more »

Slovenia approves same-sex marriage

The Slovenian Parliament has voted with a large majority to approve same-sex marriage and adoption. Deputies in the parliament voted 51 to 28 to approve the law which allows gay and lesbian couples to marry. Five members abstained. The parliament also approved adoption by same-sex couples. Despite a small protest outside the parliament while the… Read more »

Belgium: No waffling on gay marriage

Stepping from the town hall into bright sunlight, Olivier Pierret raised his hand in triumph. It was his wedding day, and celebrations lay ahead. First was a vin d’honneur drinks reception among the airy rooms of an art gallery, then an elaborate dinner and finally, a surprise speech from his father, a taciturn 74-year-old who… Read more »

Swedish sensation: how Stockholm became a modern gay mecca

Between EuroGames and Stockholm Pride, this stylish city is having its gayest year yet – from smorgasbords to schlager rooms, GSN finds out how the Scandi capital took on the world of LGBT travel and won If ever there is a time to visit Stockholm, it’s the summer of 2015. Already there’s a palpable buzz… Read more »

Police raid gay club run by lesbian whose selfie of her kissing a girlfriend in front of Russian anti-homosexual politician went viral

St Petersburg lesbian nightclub called Infinity was raided by police Follows selfie by owner of kiss with girlfriend in front of anti-gay politician The selfie, taken in front of Vitaly Milonov on a plane, went viral Milonov later threatened to ‘call the Cossacks’ on the two women A St Petersburg lesbian nightclub was raided by… Read more »

Slovenia gay marriage bill passes first hurdle

Government says treating same-sex unions differently is unconstitutional A bill to allow gay marriage and adoption in Slovenia passed its first hurdle Tuesday (10 February) as a parliamentary committee backed the measure after several hours of debate. The committee on labor, family, social affairs and the disabled voted in favor of making marriage law gender… Read more »

10% of LGBT people in Ireland have quit their job because of discrimination

Research by the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) found that some 30% of gay, lesbian and bisexual employees in Ireland are harassed at work. One in ten Irish LGBT people have quit their job because of discrimination at work, GLEN found. The research also found that employees who were out at work were more… Read more »

Istanbul court fines bathhouse for rejecting trans woman

In what local activists describe as a small but significant victory for the LGBT community in Turkey, a Turkish court has fined a bathhouse owner for discriminating against a trans woman. The verdict is seen as a step towards greater political and social support for LGBT individuals in this secularly ruled, traditionally Muslim country. Lawyer… Read more »

Greece to grant legal recognition to same-sex couples

Greece’s new government has announced it will grant legal recognition to same-sex couples. Greece lags behind most of Western Europe on gay rights, banning same-sex adoption and refusing to recognise same-sex relationships. However, the radical left-wing Syriza party – which swept to power earlier this month – has confirmed it will seek recognition for same-sex… Read more »

Slovakia Referendum Banning Gay Marriage Fails

A referendum which sought to strengthen Slovakia’s constitutional ban on gay marriage failed Saturday. According to the BBC, the question failed due to low turnout. A minimum of 50% of eligible voters must participate in order for such ballots to be valid, but only 21.4% of voters showed up at the polls. Voters were asked… Read more »

Slovakia Referendum Banning Gay Marriage Fails

A referendum which sought to strengthen Slovakia’s constitutional ban on gay marriage failed Saturday. According to the BBC, the question failed due to low turnout. A minimum of 50% of eligible voters must participate in order for such ballots to be valid, but only 21.4% of voters showed up at the polls. Voters were asked… Read more »

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö Signs Gay Marriage Bill

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on Friday signed a bill into law legalizing marriage equality in Finland when it takes effect on March 1, 2017, according to various reports. The Finnish parliament approved the bill in December, nearly two years after it rejected a similar measure. A public campaign called on lawmakers to reconsider the marriage… Read more »

Rome city council approves register of same-sex civil unions

Italy took another small step forward in the fight for same-sex marriage this week, as Rome city council’s assembly gave approval to a register for civil unions. The move, which proves controversial in the conservative country, was hailed as historic by some, as it means despite having no legal status in Italy, civil unions will… Read more »

2nd Tirana Pride to take place in June 11th 2015

PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro, Human Rights House in Albania and Open Mind Spectrum Albania, the organizing group of Tirana Pride, agreed today that the 2nd Tirana Pride will be held in June 11th. Meanwhile it has been agreed that on May 17th, the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia different awareness events will… Read more »

Portugal parliament votes down gay adoption

Third time lawmakers reject full adoption rights for same-sex couples Portugal’s parliament yesterday (22 January) rejected draft laws that would allow gay couples to adopt children for the third time, although the vote margin was smaller than ever. The bills were all defeated by some 30 votes in the Lisbon assembly, which 220 deputies attended.… Read more »

Macedonia bans same-sex marriages and civil unions

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has moved to ban same-sex marriage, as well as making it extremely difficult for any future legislation to allow same-sex civil unions to pass. The Parliament of Macedonia voted 72-4 yesterday to define marriage as specifically between one man and one woman. The amendment definise marriages as “a life… Read more »

Serbian officer forced to retire after coming out as transgender

An activist group in Serbian has submitted a complaint after it says a transgender veteran officer in the country’s military was forcibly retired after coming out as transgender. According to activist group Egal’s complaint, the officer, identified only as Helena, was forced to retire after a “psychiatric diagnosis” deemed that her being trans could “threaten… Read more »

Witness: Beaten For Being Gay In Russia – Andrey’s Story

Despite Russia’s January cold, hundreds of people packed the central square in Voronezh, an eight hour drive south of Moscow, for the planned LGBT rights protest. When Andrey Nasonov arrived, he saw a bus of riot police and several police cars, and quickly realized most of the crowd likely didn’t support LGBT rights. Only a… Read more »

$210,871 Federal Study Uses Smartphones to Stop Spread of HIV among Gay Men – in Romania

( – The National Institutes of Health has awarded a $210,871 grant to Hunter College “to employ mobile health (mHealth) technologies to reduce the spread of HIV among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Central Eastern European country of Romania.” The study will be the first of its… Read more »

Austrian court strikes down ban on gay adoption

The Austrian Constitutional Court has lifted a ban on adoption by same-sex couples. Austrians in same-sex relationships could previously only adopt the biological children of their partners’ since 2013, but could not jointly adopt non-biological children. Head of the court, Gerhart Holzinger, said: “This is no justification for difference in treatment because of sexual orientation.”… Read more »