Russian gay activists stand for election in challenge to ‘corrupt’ Vlaidmir Putin

Two gay Russians are standing for election to the country’s Parliament, in a challenge to the country’s ruling party. Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party continues to hold an iron grip on the country politically, holding 141 of the 170 seats in the upper house, alongside a majority in the Duma. However, ahead of this month’s… Read more »

The King Of Norway Delivered An Epic Speech Backing LGBT People

Well, you don’t see a royal do this every day. The king of Norway is receiving global praise after delivering a heartfelt speech in support of the LGBT community and other minority groups. On Sept. 1, King Harald V urged Norway to embrace “trust, solidarity and generosity” while speaking to more than 1,000 guests in… Read more »

British Lesbian Couple Wins Gold In Rio

A British couple made history last week at the Rio Olympics when their team took the field, becoming the first married same-sex couple to play together on the same team. On Friday, the couple made more history, becoming the first married gay couple to medal at the Olympics, and first gold medalists, after Great Britain… Read more »

Serbia’s First Gay Minister Wants Less Public Attention

The woman slated to become the first openly gay government minister in highly conservative Serbia said Tuesday she hopes public attention surrounding her election will soon fade so she can focus on her new job. Ana Brnabic, who is expected to become the minister of public administration and local government, told The Associated Press that… Read more »

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson lifts ban on embassies flying rainbow flags for Pride

In one of his first acts as Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has scrapped a controversial ban on Pride flags being flown from UK embassies and consulates around the world. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond came under fire last year when he ordered British embassies to abide by a policy that blocks any flag other than the… Read more »

Gay Syrian man kidnapped, raped and decapitated in Istanbul, local media reports

A gay Syrian man has been found decapitated after being kidnapped and raped in Istanbul, local media has reported. The victim, Wisam Sankari, a Syrian refugee in Istanbul, was so badly mutilated that his friends had to identify him by the trousers he was wearing. According to various local news sources , Sankari left his… Read more »

Far-Right Group Interrupts Stockholm Pride Parade

A far-right group interrupted Stockholm’s annual Pride Parade on Saturday. Several outlets reported that a fight broke out when 10-15 men interrupted the parade with a banner which read “Protect the nuclear family” next to an image of a crossed out rainbow flag. The far-right group Nordisk Ungdom, or Nordic Youth, claimed credit for the… Read more »

Romanian Court Says Referendum To Ban Gay Marriage Is Constitutional

Romania’s top court on Wednesday ruled unanimously that a proposed referendum that would define marriage as a heterosexual union in the constitution is valid. While gay and lesbian couples are not permitted to marry in the socially conservative nation, its constitution says family starts “on the basis of freely consenting marriage between spouses.” Roughly 3… Read more »

Gay Pride march sparks French far-right row

A Gay Pride march in Paris Saturday has caused a row in France’s far-right National Front (FN), with some student supporters backing an event decried by a party vice-chairman. How gay friendly is gay Paris? (01 Jul 16) ‘Giving in to fear’: Anger as Paris gay pride cut back (30 Jun 16) “More than ever… Read more »

Czech court strikes down ban on gay people adopting children

A Czech court has struck down the country’s ban on gay people adopting children – though only for individuals. The country had maintained a law that outlawed gays and lesbians who are in registered partnerships from adopting children, either together or as an individual. However, the Czech Constitutional Court has overturned a law which banned… Read more »

Italian high court makes it easier for same-sex couples to adopt each other’s children

The highest court in Italy has made it easier for same-sex couples to adopt each other’s biological children. A decision by the court, however; does not make the process of adopting each other’s children automatic for same-sex couples. The Cassation Court ruling, which came on Wednesday, bolstered lower courts’ rulings on the issue of so-called… Read more »

Turkey LGBT: Scuffles at banned Istanbul transgender event

Turkish riot police have fired tear gas and plastic bullets after transgender rights activists gathered in Istanbul in defiance of a ban on marching. Several dozen activists turned up and were surrounded by police, after which scuffles began, with one man reportedly tearing up a gay rights banner. The march was banned in order to… Read more »

Istanbul Pride banned due to ‘security concerns’, a year after police fired tear gas at marchers

Officials in Turkey have ordered that the capital’s Pride parade be cancelled – purportedly because of ‘security’ concerns following Orlando. Turkey is still extremely conservative when it comes to LGBT issues, and though homosexuality is legal there, gay people are given no legal recognition – and still face regular persecution. Last year’s Istabnbul Pride was… Read more »

Ukraine Shields Gay Rights Parade From Repeat of Violence

Kiev, Ukraine — Gay rights groups in Ukraine celebrated a milestone on Sunday — holding a parade without being chased or attacked by right-wing opponents. But the march, in Kiev, was guarded by police and security forces who sealed off much of the city center and warned participants not to linger afterward. About 2,000 people… Read more »

Thousands attend Ukraine’s first major LGBT Pride event despite far-right threats of ‘rivers of blood’

Ukraine has held its first major LGBT Pride event in Kiev, despite threats from far-right thugs that they would ensure that “rivers of blood” would run through the streets. More than a thousand people turned up for the Pride event in Kiev on Sunday. Several thousand police officers lined the streets following threats from far-right… Read more »

Thousands march for gay rights in Poland, Croatia, Italy

Warsaw, Poland — Several thousand people marched Saturday in colorful gay pride events in Italy, Poland and Croatia urging support for minority rights in the mostly Catholic nations. The parades in Poland and Croatia come amid mounting right-wing sentiments that pose new challenges to gay rights activists. In Italy, however, the gay pride celebration comes… Read more »

Russia Crime gangs blackmail gays

St. Petersburg, Russia — (AP) Criminal gangs in Russia, operating through gay dating sites, have found a lucrative new blackmail target: homosexual men. A St. Petersburg economist, one of their latest victims, said several men burst into the apartment where he was meeting his date. Claiming that his date was under age, they threatened to… Read more »

Greece to send gay Syrian asylum seeker back to Turkey under controversial migrant deal

A gay Syrian migrant whose asylum claim was rejected by Greece will be sent back to Turkey, sources told AFP on Thursday, the first rejected applicant known to be returned under a controversial migrant deal. The 46-year-old man arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos after the EU struck a deal to send some failed… Read more »

Russia’s LGBT community get the chance to show pride with a rainbow

Russia’s LGBT community can now protest against the country’s homophobic laws with a rainbow. A group of Dutch artists have launched a new protest project that will enable Russians to fight against the country’s notorious law against gay “propaganda”, without breaking it. The new app, Raduga (Russian for rainbow), tracks weather forecasts across country and… Read more »

Olympic Water Polo Player Comes Out Ahead of Rio Games

Víctor Gutiérrez said he “felt a responsibility to share it with others.” Move over, Tom Daley. There’s a new out summer Olympic hopeful jumping in the pool. Víctor Gutiérrez, 25, who plays on the Spanish water polo headed to Rio this summer, came out publicly as gay in an interview with Shangay magazine. In his… Read more »

David Cameron: I want to change the world on global LGBT rights

Prime Minister David Cameron has lamented the UK losing its top ranking on LGBT rights issues in Europe – pledging to push equality across the world as he celebrates the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. For four years, rights group ILGA-Europe put the United Kingdom at the top of its extensive rankings Rainbow Europe… Read more »

Abuse At Games Drives Gay Spanish Soccer Referee To Quit

Jesus Tomillero, believed to be the first openly gay registered Spanish soccer referee, is quitting his job over being the target of verbal abuse at games. “I can’t stand it anyone,” Tomillero told the AP. The 21-year-old came out gay 18 months ago on social media. A part-time referee and waiter, Tomillero said that the… Read more »

Italian Lawmakers Approve Civil Unions Bill

Italian lawmakers on Wednesday paved the way for Italy to recognize gay and lesbian couples with civil unions. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi forced the issue by calling for a confidence vote in Italy’s Chamber of Deputies. The Italian Senate gave its approval in February. With a 369-193 vote, Renzi’s cabinet survived. According to Reuters, such… Read more »

Germany will pay compensation to men convicted under historic gay sex laws

Germany will pay compensation to men who faced convictions under the country’s historic laws banning gay sex. The country initially banned gay sex in 1871, when a penal code was introduced criminalising homosexual acts – while they were extended under the Nazis to convict thousands of gay men and send them to concentration camps. However,… Read more »

Isle of Man finally passes same-sex marriage

The Isle of Man has finally approved same-sex marriage – meaning Northern Ireland is set to be the last place in the Isles without marriage equality. As a crown dependency, the Isle of Man maintains autonomy from the UK on issues including marriage. It was the last part of these islands to legalise homosexuality in… Read more »

Gay clubbing and stoic activism in Russia’s homophobic heartland

Coda Story report from the industrial city of Samara where the one remaining LGBT rights organisation provides invaluable support – discreetly It is late in Samara, an industrial hub in central Russia and the city’s only gay nightclub is proving difficult to find. In a dark car park there are none of the telltale signs:… Read more »

Why Does Gay Sex Scare Modern Muslims? It Didn’t in the Golden Age.

Colonialism taught Muslims to be ashamed of many things, including sexual orientation. Now they are more intolerant (and maybe more hypocritical) than the Victorians. London — Half of British Muslims say being gay “should be outlawed.” Thus ran the headline in London’s Sunday Times this week. Even more opposed gay marriage, while almost half thought… Read more »

Air France faces revolt from gay cabin crew over flights to Iran

Air France is facing a rebellion from gay air stewards – who are refusing to fly on a new route to Iran. The company is launching a new route from Paris to Tehran, the capital of the reclusive state, with flights set to begin on April 17. However, the new route has been controversial with… Read more »

Norway to allow same-sex church weddings

The Church of Norway is expected to approve a motion that would allow same-sex couples to marry in the country’s churches. It is believed that the Bishops Conference, which meets today (Monday, April 11), is to adopt new marriage rituals that will provide gender-neutral ceremonies. The draft resolution which is expected to be approved (after… Read more »

The Art of Reading Russian Obituaries

A journalist was killed in St. Petersburg last week, but no one called for an immediate and full investigation. No one seemed to suspect that he was killed because of his work. In a country of frequent and varied violence, this was a different kind of crime, a murder that dare not speak its name.… Read more »

The tartan rainbow: why it’s great to be gay in Scotland

The leaders of four of Scotland’s six main political parties have come out, and the country has been identified as offering the best legal protection for gay people. But how deep does this new liberality go? The most revealing thing about Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale’s recent interview in the Fabian Review was not her… Read more »

“I Am Going to the Pride, How about You?”

PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro officially announced today its campaign under the moto “I Am Going to the Pride, How about You?” to mobilize national and international organizations, institutions and activists to join the 3rd Tirana Pride on the 25th of September 2016. Tirana Pride 2016 will be a day of solidarity with lesbian, gay,… Read more »

Spring Gay Tour (one time only)

The Holiday begins with your arrival in Sofia on Friday. Our representative will meet you at the airport or the station and take you to the hotel. You’ll have the rest of the day to settle in or take a walk in the city. In the evening we will take you to a traditional Bulgarian… Read more »

Families fight Austria’s gay marriage ban

The latest case to challenge the same-sex marriage ban in Austria on the grounds that it makes children in the family illegitimate was heard in court this week. Following a change in the law in January 2015, same-sex couples are now allowed to adopt the children of their partners in Austria, although they are still… Read more »

Guido Westerwelle Dies at 54; German Foreign Minister Opposed Libya Incursion

Berlin — Guido Westerwelle, who served as Germany’s first openly gay foreign minister and kept his country out of NATO’s intervention in Libya, died on Friday in Cologne. He was 54. His foundation and the German government announced his death. The cause was complications of leukemia, which was diagnosed in 2014. Mr. Westerwelle was a… Read more »

Andrew Haigh’s gay romance Weekend triumphs in Italy despite Vatican ban

Nottingham-based drama about love affair between lifeguard and conceptual artist scores country’s highest per-screen average this weekend A British independent film about a burgeoning gay relationship has proven a surprise box office smash in Italy, despite an alleged attempt by the Catholic church to “paralyse” its release. Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, which was released in the… Read more »

Italy’s biggest fashion designer to extend benefits to same-sex couples

Italian fashion house, Gucci, is to become one of first major designers in the country to give same-sex newlyweds the same treatment as heterosexual couples. Despite civil unions being passed by the Italian Senate last month, the Florence-based company is taking action before it is legally required to and offering same-sex couples the same 14… Read more »

Calvin Klein accused of breaking ‘gay propaganda’ law in Russia

A new advert for the fashion giant’s latest fragrance has sparked outrage in Russia. Russian authorities says they have received a number of complaints for a new ad for Calvin Klein perfume CK2. The advertisement – which features two same-sex couples – has been reported to authorities in the country for allegedly containing “elements of… Read more »

Police lock down Berlin street after shots fired at LGBT museum

A museum in Berlin dedicated to LGBT history has been shot at by unidentified assailants. The Schwules Museum, which opened in 1985, is dedicated to exhibiting the city’s vibrant and long-thriving gay scene. In an official statement this week, the museum warned that it had identified what appear to be bullet holes, following a shooting… Read more »

Italian court recognises same sex adoption

A court in Italy has become the first in the country to allow a lesbian couple’s right to adopt each other’s biological daughters. The tribunal in Rome upheld two appeals from gay rights groups on behalf of the women that means they will both be regarded as parents of the children. The court said it… Read more »